SORRY for leaving a huge XF shaped hole in your life last week, I chose to get drunk and be hung over and didn’t write up a recap of last weeks show! It wasn’t really all that though was it? I’m gutted Melanie got booted off though! Oh well, onward and upwards (maybe?) as it’s Big Band Week CLUB CLASSICS WEEK!!

Start of the show!

The XF intro gets more and more dramatic each week doesn’t it? Freeze-frames a plenty and health issues with everyone. Tonight is either going to be really dramatic or just full of pointless sob stories isn’t it? Eurgh!

Dermot is brought out in the messiest entrances of all time. Some poor stunt double has been dragged on and done a few backflips. I really hope the producers have embraced the pure ridiculousness of this “bit” and not actually serious…

The judges are unleashed from their cells – Nicole looks gorgeous, and isn’t looking like she’s wrapped in baco foil like last week. Louis, again looks like a Bond villain while Tulisa impresses with her ability to make anything she wears look like it is from Primark.

Dermot has a little chat, and Gary is still reeling from Carolynne’s exit, Nicole says the week’s theme will suit Rylan and Louis gets booed for no reason. Well-done audience.

Chris Maloney (Overs – Gary)

I genuinely couldn’t face watching his face on my TV, so I went to make a cup of tea and a ham roll. I don’t understand how his nerves went so quick? Not here for a cruise ship style performance who will release a pointless album, which no one will buy. AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. I get back in time for one of the best lines from Tulisa by calling Chris the Stilton to Rylans Babybel. It’s official!  Tulisa hates Chris.  I’m a fan of ghetto Tulisa. She’s been a bit quiet and nervous looking the last few weeks…

MK1 (Groups – Louis)

The urban duo clearly weren’t happy with their Glee type performance last week and they are hoping to make things a bit more edgy by combining underground with over ground. Their planned mash up of Crystal Water and Pass Out looks good on paper, but what is it with all these mash ups? THIS IS NOT GLEE. With that said, the performance was much better than last week, but I really wish they just skipped out the Tinie Tempah tune. It wasn’t needed in my opinion. Nicole thought it was “SHAMAYZING”. I think I love her. Pork scratching’s, beer and made up words – perfection.

Jahmene (Boys – Nicole)

  After a tough week, Jahmene brings it to the stage with a not so club classic song. Say A Little Prayer is more of a disco song, but      because he gave me sad eyes in his VT, I will forgive. The performance as a whole was a bit all over the place, and very Jahmene. I really want him to sing something out of the blue and just get loose. Louis compares him to a little Ray Charles. WUT?! Throughout the judges feedback, Jahmene is welling up and it is all very touching. His little quivering lip nearly killed me off!


Jade Ellis (Girls – Tulisa)

Jade has had a terrible week. That hotel is full of the dramz isn’t it?! She’s only gone and been put on vocal rest hasn’t she?! Blimey! She manages to make it through her performance of Ultra Nates Free. I found the performance very boring and really think she should of owned the stage a bit more. It’s not all about a perfect vocal – I would have loved to have seen this bishh work her sass a bit more! Nicole seems to agree with me and doesn’t think Jade believed in the song; whereas Louis thinks she is at a risk. Pipe down Louis! Although you might be right!

James Arthur (Boys – Nicole)

The nightmare week continues as clips from last weeks show are shown when James gets carted into an ambulance. Why they didn’t share such important information with us on last weeks results show, I will never know.  It turns out he suffered from an anxiety attack. This means the mentor to act chat isn’t filmed in a pub this week. WOE! James is singing the not so classic, yet overhyped song by LMFAO – I’m Sexy and I Know It. It was intended to be an original version, but fans of the US X Factor will know this isn’t the case. Mr Walsh, in true fashion embarrasses himself by saying James did a great rendition of the LMFO song. Bless. Gary says it is the best performance of the series so far. My YouTube history of watching Rylan from last week ten times disagrees…

Union J (Groups – Louis)

Time for boy band numero uno to take to the stage! They are singing the departed judge from last year Kelly Rowlands hit, When Love Takes Over. It was an OK performance, that dark haired one obvs is the talent in the group. Tulisa loved it, and Gary thinks we are witnessing the birth of a brand new boy band. Does someone want to tell him we are in week 3 and they were pretty much born a few months ago? Thanks.

RYLAN (Boys – Nicole)

RYLAN IS GETTING HIS GOATEE SHAVED OFF. I really don’t know why. His rendition of JLo’s On The Floor and Rihannas Please Don’t Stop the Music is a tad bit boring. It’s like he has given up himself. Compared to the sheer brilliance of last week, I was expecting a lot more from this years answer to Chico. A few ass wiggles and winks to the camera are not enough to save this shower of sh..

The comments are recycled from previous joke acts. “_______________(insert joke act name here) we need you in the competition, you have the fun  factor!”. Nicole is all over Gary Borelows comment with some clicky fingers – GWORRRRLLLL…

Lucy Sprags (Girls – Tulisa)

After having a few too many cider lollies and being thrown out of a hotel with Rylan, Lucy Sprags has proper #BeerFear (yes this is an actual thing now..) She isn’t braving an original song this week, and is covering the popular hit, Titanium. Gary calls her version clever and Louis thinks she is a brilliant storyteller. Maybe I’m just not cool anymore, but I really don’t get what Lucy is still doing in the competition. She should be on BGT. I’ve said it before; she is not made for this show.

Kye Sones (Overs – Gary)

A VT has not bought me this much LOLZ for a while. Gary takes Kye into another room out of the way from the cameras and microphones to basically throw shade to his performance last week. WE SEE AND HEAR EVERYTHING. This show is getting more and more like The Only Way is Essex every week. Kye is performing the song he performed in his first audition, which is ridiculous and the safest thing a contestant can do. This should only be allowed on the final, to show how far an act has come. Kye is sitting on top of some sort of bonfire trying to look on point and edgy #KyeFawkes tbh. Pointless production and making a few bum notes did not deserve him to be compared to Chris Martin by Nicole. He may have sounded ok, but I’m very annoyed that he sang his audition song.

District3 (Groups – Louis)

Boy band numero two – last weeks bottom 2 saved act are up next. They seems to be up for the challenge of club classic week and they bought it! Finally welcome to the competition guys! The vocals were on point, they didn’t sound too American and they worked the stage like it was a matter of life and death! Thumbs up all round from the judges! Brilliant performance and song choice!

Ella Henderson (Girls – Tulisa)

Carrolynne was the last performer in week one. Melanie was the last performer in week two. Ella is last to perform and in the new death spot. Can she prove us all wrong? She’s singing You’ve Got the Love, and with support from Adele on Twitter, and a few dance moves, Ella delivers a brilliant vocal with a side order of a few cheeky wiggles of her arms too! Gary says she should stop dancing and just sing, saying she is the Adele of the competition. He is obvs pounced on by Tulisa and she even lets out a little Kelly Rowland impression from last year. Twitter went into meltdown! I actually had a mental image of Kelly throwing her weave at the TV screen in anger and being held back by her entourage! Tulisa went there – and threw the shade!

What did you think of the show? Who’s your fave? Who will be going? TELL ME!!!

Tweet me @putasinghonit

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X Factor – Week 1 Results

Remember back in the good old days when the results were announced an hour after the show? Anyway, it’s Sunday night and it’s time to face the music! It’s results time!

The judges were announced and took to their seats, with Louis Walsh looking like he was the Milk Tray man or auditioning for the part of Bond villain, very strange attire for him! After taking to their seats, the usual look back at last nights performances were shown with the judges walking down the corridor (which seems to go on forever!) giving their comments and feedback and general bitchiness about the other judges, followed by the finalists taking to the stage to sing LIVE (!!!) for the group performance. Singing the song, which we can’t seem to escape! It felt like the XF were dining out on the Olympics all over again with the Emeli Sande cover. London2012 is over guys, but thanks all the same!

With the contestants pushed out the way after the weekly performance, it was time for some real talent (oop!) One of the biggest XF stars of all time was bought on to sing her awesome single “Trouble”. It was a nice performance, very Leona, if you know what I mean. The crowd seemed to love it, and Leona seemed more comfortable on the stage and even when speaking to Dermot, bless her! Whilst the stage crew trotted about moving off Leonas silks and mess that she made, Dermot chatted to the judges where Nicole congratulated him on the size of his balls. That woman is all about the balls isn’t she? Calm it woman! It was now time for Ne-Yo. God knows why Little Mix weren’t on the show – isn’t it XF tradition to have last year’s winner on the opening show? Oh well, Ne-Yo sang his upbeat and catchy song ‘Let Me Love You’ – which as hard as he tried, made it look like a really snooze fest! Out of key, boring and very forgettable. Dermot promised us some results after the break. Finally, time for business.

Here come the thirteen final acts with their judges. I personally thought MK1 and Lucy should have been in the bottom two, and was prepared for one of them to be booted off. As Dermot read through the names, Kye, James and District3 all went through. The obvious favourite, Ella was through next followed by Lucy Sprags. Tulisa looked thrilled to bits – I wasn’t, and just then, as if it was like someone was out to annoy me, MK1 made it through too. My prediction was an epic fail! Melanie was next to go through which massively made me happy; I was getting worried for a second! Rylan and Union J looked nervous as anything – with Jahmene and his balls of steal with zero facial expression going through to next week, taking Jade and Union J with him. The last three of Christopher, Rylan and Carolynne stood there and I was almost certain that Carolynne was going through, as I didn’t see many viewers voting for Christopher  as they had just put him through – again, I was of course wrong (what do I know hey?) and Christopher went through, leaving the Ibiza endorsed Ken doll looking Rylan and the country singing Fame Academy has been Carolynne in bottom two.

OBVIOUSLY Rylan was going home right? It was a no brainer.

The sing off was poor from Rylans side. How many tracks can he sing in an “IbeethaStyyyyleIniiit”?! He is already getting on my nerves – and I don’t care how fun and bubbly his personality is, this is not TOWIE.

Nicole saved Rylan, obvs, and Gary and Tulisa opted to save Carolynne, with Rylan attempting some come back at Gary but was shut down – mega LOLZ. It was down to poor old Louis on the end seat. I didn’t think we would get to enjoy the standard Louis Walsh cry/squeak combo so early on the in show! Louis then chickened out of his decision and decided to send it to deadlock. CUE DRAMATIC MUSIC AND LIGHTS. Louis is a mess, Gary looks like he’s about to deck someone and Dermot looks relieved that Louis finally gave an answer.

Without wasting any time on dramatic pauses – CAROLYNNE IS OUT. Gary has walked off with a perfect camera angle following him out of the studio and Rylan is sobbing yet again. What a load of drama!

I personally think it’s a bit of a fix – the producers aren’t silly, Rylan brings in viewers and column inches on Daily Mail so it’s obvious that they wanted Louis to take to deadlock. I just think it’s a bit of a joke how someone as talented as Carolynne didn’t get a chance to go through for a few more weeks. Oh well, Rylan will shift some of those XF tour tickets I expect..

Poor Carolynne – her journey is over already.

What did you make of all the drama? Let me know!

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X Factor – Live Show 1

“LIVE FROM LONDON… It’s THE X FAAACTOR!” After some less than entertaining auditions and a boot camp as memorable as Steve Brookstein, it was finally time for the best part of the XF, the live shows!

The show started with Dermot and his cray dancing. I was hoping we had seen the last of that. It really didn’t help that he was dancing to that awful Gangnam song either. Please Dermot, just look fierce in your suit and offer hugs, that’s all we really want! The judges were welcomed in true XF style, dramatic music, fire and cheers aplenty. The big shock however was that Sherzinger was in the head judge seat! Well, she is the star of the panel, being 99% of the Pussycat Dolls and all, but then seating her next to the Sexiest Woman in the World would just be cruel to poor old Nicole right? RIGHT? Oh. Awks.

Things kicked off right away with the wildcard act being revealed. I personally wanted Amy or Adam to be chosen, and thought Adam may have just stole it with the support he had from the One Direction lads, but in true XF shock form, it was Christopher Maloney who bagged the wildcard and dropped himself to the floor, reminiscent to XF 2005 and Ms Burkey, when she won. Maloney needs to calm down to be honest, but we will get to him later on.

With some of the TeamGB massive in the crowd, the theme of this weeks songs were “Heroes” – basically Olympic type songs. I was ready to hear some Heather Smalls – Proud to be honest.

District 3 (who changed their name from something which sounded like an E number) sang the Tina Turner classic ‘Simply the Best’ which to be fair, for being first on, wasn’t too bad. The American sound has got to go though. I hate when British singers attempt to sound American when singing, it’s awfully cringe (side eyes Connor Maynard). With a strong start and Tulisa saying they made the song their own, it was time for a very random One Direction interval. With a hyped up intro, the boys came swanning out in their best clobber looking thrilled to be apart of the show for all of thirty seconds. It was like they were forced by Cowell because they had a single out or something…

James Arthur was next singing ‘Stronger’ by Kelly Clarkson. Very odd choice, very odd look going on and he just didn’t look comfortable. Can we scrape the make up off and give him back his guitar please? Look what happened when we took the hat away from Matt Cardle… exactly.

My favourite act of all the series was next up, and she didn’t let me down one bit. Singing the Beatles classic, ‘With a Little Help from My Friends’, Melanie Masson let her vocals power through the song. It was amazing, and I truly think she’s the dark horse to win this show. I’m Team Melanie all the way!

Tulisas first act of the night was the ever quirky and original Lucy Spraggan who for the FIRST TIME in XF history was going to be singing an original song. OHREALLLY? The original song wasn’t all that original after all, as it sounded a lot like the Kate Nash (who was also quirky and original) song ‘Birds’. I’m not a huge fan of Sprags to be honest. If she’s just going to be singing original songs every week, then BGT was the show she should have gone on to be honest.

MK1 were a mess. I’m sorry, but I just don’t get it, and that’s all I have to say about that. They have a LOT of work to do.

The quivering and shaking nervous wreck wildcard entry was up next. Hold on. Where are the nerves now? I feel cheated. Christopher belted out a note perfect version of Mariah’s ‘Hero’. I’m not a fan, and I really don’t think anyone will buy his music after this show. Poor Amy and Adam.

Union J were next up! Singing ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ – awful song choice, done with a few cheeky diva neck moves by one of the band – it was all very odd, but Louis did admit he chose the wrong song – hopefully they’ll sort themselves out for next week and lose the horrific dancers!

Jade Ellis, the mother of one who just wants a house with a garden was next singing ‘Hero’ the Iglesias version, not very imaginative, but I loved the background music and she looked SMOKING HOT and sounded amazing. With positive comments all round, it’s safe to say Jade is one to watch out for!

IT WAS TIME FOR RYLAN. His performance of ‘Gold’ was pretty special. Nicole was on her feet, dancers were everywhere and Jonny Robinson was even complaining that it was too camp (not really!) The judges’ comments were catty, with a little feud between Nicole and Gary – with Rylan then piping up that he had the X Factor and this was the X Factor, dyaknowwhatimeeean? Do we? Do we really know what any of this means any more?!

Boring Kye Sones was next singing Man in the Mirror complete with choir with Gary complaining the production team spent their whole budget on Rylan. Let it go Barlow, let it go. Kye actually sounded really great and worked the stage. He looked really comfortable and didn’t butcher the song, so bravo Mr Chimney Man!

Ella stunned the audience with her rendition of Take That’s ‘Rule the World’ – Louis reckons she is the best contestant since Leona Lewis. Thoughts? Are we forgetting a Ms Burke – or are we just not going there? Let me know!

Carolynne, from Fame Academy(!) was the last of the overs to perform, and she did a country inspired version of Nicki Minajs ‘Starships’. WUT?! It was an interesting choice, with Tulisa complaining it didn’t fit in with the nights theme. Tulisa, seriously babe, chill out because Sprags didn’t really “fit in with the theme” did she now? Pipe down.

Jahmene closed the show with a gospel version of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’. With high notes a plenty and Nicole shouting “HE’S FOUND HIS BALLS”, the show was over! The final 13 will become 12 tomorrow and it’s down to us (well you, as I never waste money to vote to be honest.)

So who did you enjoy? Who is going tomorrow? Did the right wildcard entry go through? Let me know in the comments box below!

Leona Lewis and Ne-Yo are performing on the results show tomorrow night  – I will be posting my results reaction here tomorrow too!

Thanks for reading – feedback welcome – @putasinghonit or in the box below!

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RANT : Why I drink when wearing a turban

I feel to rant about a certain topic which I have been meaning to speak about for a while and after something which happened last week, I feel now is the time to do it.

Last week my episode of Come Dine with Me aired on one of the channels, and someone managed to track me down on Twitter, and asked me straight up, “you were drinking with your friends, is that allowed as you wear a turban?”

Fair question really, and one of the reasons I chose to do the show was because I feel the Sikh population don’t really get shown on TV and don’t really get a representation in the media, so I was more than happy to answer any questions anyone had regarding my religion and my decisions.

Yes, I do wear a turban, and I do drink and eat meat. Some may say this is hypocritical of me, as I should be religious if wearing a turban, a symbol of the Sikh religion. I have to say I disagree with this. I have never cut my hair, as this is something I was bought up with. It was not a decision I made myself. I was bought up as a Sikh, and didn’t choose my religion and faith myself. This is just how it is in many families. Do I regret it? No, not at all, as growing up with the basic teaching of Sikhism has really taught me how to respect others and treat everyone equally, something I think is the best teaching of Sikhism.

I’ve never said I’m a religious Sikh, and I’ve not committed my life to the religion, as for me, personally, I’m just not ready to make such commitment. Going to the Gurdwara and praying each day just doesn’t feel right in my life at the moment. People see a turban on my head, and automatically think I’m either really religious or will judge them on what they are doing. Wrong. I have two out of the five symbols of Sikhism, the Karah and Kesh, which is a steel bangle and long uncut hair. If I were a committed Sikh, I would have all five of these items and obviously wouldn’t go out drinking or living my usual crazy party lifestyle. I do however, find it hurtful how people judge me for wearing turban, but don’t judge those who haven’t kept their hair. I could lead the same lifestyle as another Sikh guy my age, but get frowned upon more because I wear a turban. It’s ridiculous. Hearing things like “Fudhu Singh” (dickhead Singh) and “Pagh wallah pindah? Hai!” (Drinking with a turban on? God!) really annoys me to be honest. I’m a young guy, enjoy a good time and I’m pretty sure those who go out wearing a Karah (steel bangle) aren’t judged, so why me, just for having another of the five K’s.

I have never stated that I am an over religious person. However, I do have a relationship with God. I’m not saying my relationship with God is a hundred per cent, but my belief and faith is a work in progress and that relationship is between God and me, and has nothing to do with anyone else. I’m on my own path of Sikhism, and feel I can teach myself what is right and wrong through life. Maybe one day I will commit to the religion, but not right now, that is just my decision, no one else’s.


**Many will not like my views, but hey, God made me this way, so go have a word with the guy upstairs**

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-9481- Bey Day!

To mark the 31st birthday of my favourite artist Beyoncé, I have decided to do something a little different and to go through my favourite performances of The Queen.

For many Beyoncé is more than just another pop star. In 31 years, she has achieved more in a 15-year career than the average star does in a lifetime. She truly is the “hottest chick in the game” and here is why.

(In no particular order)

1)   Baby Boy/Crazy in Love – MTV Video Music Awards 2003

What an introduction to a solo career? She slayed this performance and it was official – Beyoncé was here as a solo artist and nothing was stopping her. This performance highlights the start of a new chapter in the career of Bey, and it was the start of an amazing list of future epic performances.

2)   Crazy in Love – Brit Awards 2004

I like this mainly because it’s in Britain. It was meant to be a Duet with Andre 3000 from Outkast, but that flopped hard-core – which I’m grateful for. Bey doesn’t share the stage with just anyone, and it gave room for her to shine on British soil, later winning Best International Female! Woop!

3)   I Care – Roseland

Name someone who can slay a song so much whilst sitting down and being half way through pregnancy? Thought not. This just shows the amazing vocals and emotion Bey can put into a song. It’s stunning.

4)   Why don’t you Love me? – Glastonbury 2011

Known by her fans as “Glastonbey” this event rocked the world. I have chosen this performance, as it was the first time I had seen it being performed and as much as the whole set at the festival was amazing, this was one of my highlight moments.

5)   End of Time – Roseland mix

The best song Beyoncé has done in my opinion. This remix video shows clips from the Roseland gig in New York, Glastonbey and the “4” album launch, which I was at! Yay!

6)   Run the World – Billboard Awards 2011

The birth of the “4” era and a true celebration of an icon. I feel this is the moment it was confirmed that Beyonce had gone from pop star to Icon. I remember watching this on a stream at 3am, and feeling on top of the world. This performance was just everything.

7)   Sweet Dreams/Single Ladies – MTV Video Music Awards 

One of my favourite performances ever – from the moment it begins to the synchronised dancing at the end, it just proves once again how amazing Beyonce is. I need not say much about this – just pure talent.

8)   Freakum Dress – IAWT

This is one of my favourite songs from the BDay album, and this performance is just stunning. The guitar solo BiBi does just slays and Bey shows how incredible she is at live performances. This live DVD was one of the first insights we had into Beyoncé’s private life. If you don’t own it, even if you’re not a hard-core Beyoncé fan, get it. Truly inspiring.

9)   Halo – MJ Tribute

I don’t need to say much about this. This video is my own, filmed the 2nd time I saw the IAWT concert. It still gives me goose bumps.

10) Forever Young – Jay Z’s set at Coachella

Love this. Beyonce looks so sexy and chilled on the stage. Her and Jay look so cute together as she raps along with him too – lovely!

What are your favourite videos or performances? Post a comment and some links!

Let me know your thoughts on Twitter too – #BeyHive – @putasinghonit

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Rant : Twitter Etiquette

This article contains explicit language.

I’m definitely not the first to speak up on this issue and I’m pretty sure I won’t be the last – but I felt it was time I spoke a little bit about how much Twitter annoys me with its daily woes and breaches of social conduct, commonly known as #TwitterEtiquette.

There are many things which annoy me about certain people I follow – annoy me to the point where it’s almost daily entertainment of which I can’t unfollow. Kind of like watching a really sad scene in a movie you’ve seen a thousand times – you know it will upset, anger and generally annoy you, but you still want to watch the car crash of emotion that is going to occur.

Note : All breaches of #TwitterEtiquette are probably about some of my friends, if you are easily offended, please read on so you can fix up.


We get it. You have gazillions of followers! We do not need you to repost every mention you receive. No one wants to watch every single conversation you have, seriously, we have better things to look at. It really is like repeating everything someone says to you – you wouldn’t do it in public, so do not do it on Twitter!

BREACH TWO – You follow me, I’ll follow you? No? BITCH.

There is always that plank that thinks they are some sort of Twitter celebrity. You know the type, tweet over 1000 times a day but only follow 29 people with 3000 followers. YOU are that person who goes to the pub every Saturday night, and without fail, you will leave before it’s your turn to buy a round. Eventually you will stop getting that weekly invite. If I interact with you on a regular basis, and you don’t follow back, bitch, believe I will un-follow your cocky tweeting ass.

BREACH THREE – No one cares about you – but you make me feel better about myself.

If you haven’t seen an emotional or depressive tweet every now and then, you really are missing out. I’m guilty for sending them out myself. You know, it’s a bit of release, a load off the mind. It’s fine yo! We all have down days! I’m not here for those dramatic people who constantly moan about family, lack of sleep, friends or love life. HONEY, this is Twitter not Oprah. Sort your life out, and get your shit together! Even though your sad, attention-seeking life makes me feel better about mine, quit it. Another thing that gets on my nerves is posting a picture “OMG – I’m so fat and ugly”- Ummm, bebs, chill out, and stop begging on the attention. I swear, next time I see anyone do this, I will comment back and agree. Serious.

BREACH FOUR – Spam Sandwich anyone?

I could rant on and on about those virus accounts “want to lose 30 pounds in an hour” or “make £2000 by just sitting at home” – they really do my nut in, especially when I could do with losing 30 pounds in an hour whilst sitting earning £2000 – THE DREAM. Anyway, these spammers are another discussion, it’s those who spam and are unaware of it. We get it, you have a YouTube channel, you have a club night to promote or you have a blog you are so desperate for us to all read, like seriously, we get it. It is an unwritten law of Twitter that you get to promote your shit twice in one week. No more! Seriously, calm down.

BREACH FIVE – Who are you speaking to?

You have 5 followers, yet you tweet like you have more fans that Lady GaGa. No one wants to see what you are having for dinner, what you are wearing or what you ordered at Starbucks. Save that random crap for Instagram! Ooh, wait, you have a Starbucks Frap with your name on it?! SERIOUSLY? Hold on let me just count how many fucks I give about this amazing picture….

Zero. Awkward.

BREACH SIX – I want a tweet, not a novel!

On that off occasion, you will have a story or something so fascinating and incredible that you just can’t fit it into 140 characters, so it’s perfectly fine to split it between a few tweets – perfect. What’s not fine is when every single one of your tweets end with “tmi.com” or “twitlonger” – the WHOLE POINT of Twitter is the restriction. Bypassing this restriction for literally no other reason than that you are unable to shut the fuck up is silly and you may as well just start a blog where you will have unlimited space of the World Wide Web to fill up with your fascinating musings of how you went to Starbucks and they spelt your name wrong on your Iced Coffee.

If I have offended anyone, apologies – but in all seriousness, I myself am guilty of some of these! Let’s all try to fix up, yeah?

#TwitterEtiquette @putasinghonit

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I Feel Your ORA

She’s BFF’s with Jay Z and Beyoncé, has 3 UK number ones and has legs and abs to make you want to die with jealousy! Oh and she’s part of the ROC family – it’s no surprise then that Rita Ora had a big load of pressure on her shoulders with her debut album. The expectations are extremely high, and for Rita Ora, this Sunday will be judgement day. Can she shoot, score and bag that number one album? More importantly, has she delivered with ORA, her debut LP? Lets find out…

The 21-year-old British born singer has already won over audiences world-wide with her quirky and out there look. Her flowy dresses and sneakers look paired with heavy make up seems to be a hit with her fans, and she hasn’t hidden away that her inspiration of her look comes from Gwen Stefani. Putting her look and style to one side though, it is her distinctive voice and sound that has catapulted her into the charts and cemented her spot on our summer playlists for two years running with her big summer tracks “Hot Right Now” with DJ Fresh and “How We Do“. It has taken time for her debut, ORA to hit the shelves, but it promises to establish her as an artist in own right.

Back in 2009, Jay Z signed Rita Ora to Roc Nation and ever since has been brewing this shining star ready for release. With the help from a selection of the best in the business, Tinie Tempah, J.Cole and Will.i.Am to name but a few, each track on this album look like they could be succesful chart toppers.

“Radioactive” which is written by that lass who sang hit single “Titanium” is a catchy dance anthem which in the first second of playing stands up as a hit. With a catchy chorus and a punchy beat, you can definitely see this being a hit single being played in the clubs very soon, while “Shine Ya Light” also features a powerful bass and a funky riff, which is reminiscent of a day on the beach sipping cocktails, another future hit maybe for Ms Ora?

Most songs on this debut seem to be perfected and polished off, but the its the slower and softer ballads which really showcase Rita’s vocals. Her raw talent is showcased to perfection in the soft gentle piano track “Been Lying”. The track really proves the critics wrong, who have said she’s just another auto tuned pop star. Belting out her troubles on the explicit track really showcases what Jay Z has been obviously been eager to show the world.

ORA is a great debut offering, a well-rounded introduction to the singer. I put money on this album being number one this Sunday – keep up the good work Rita! With mentors and fans called Jay and Bey, I’m sure you will go far!

ORA is out now!

Rating : ★★★★☆


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Succesful Social Media Campaign

Recently, I had to create a video highlighting a succesful social media campaign I had been involved in. I chose to create a video on the Student Union election I was part of in 2009.

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Bally Singh – LBLUK

The challenge
Spend 5 days feeding yourself with £1 a day — the UK equivalent of the extreme poverty line.

The reason
To give a glimpse into the lives of 1.4 billion people who have no choice but to live below the line every day — and who have to make £1 cover a lot more than food…

In May of this year, I took on this challenge. Read about my week on the link below, you can also see a brief video documentary of my week below.


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Bally Singh – Self promotional video

Last year, as part of a work experience brief, I had to make a Self Promotion Video – like a CV but to make it fun and sell myself. This is what I came up with.

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