RANT : Why I drink when wearing a turban

I feel to rant about a certain topic which I have been meaning to speak about for a while and after something which happened last week, I feel now is the time to do it.

Last week my episode of Come Dine with Me aired on one of the channels, and someone managed to track me down on Twitter, and asked me straight up, “you were drinking with your friends, is that allowed as you wear a turban?”

Fair question really, and one of the reasons I chose to do the show was because I feel the Sikh population don’t really get shown on TV and don’t really get a representation in the media, so I was more than happy to answer any questions anyone had regarding my religion and my decisions.

Yes, I do wear a turban, and I do drink and eat meat. Some may say this is hypocritical of me, as I should be religious if wearing a turban, a symbol of the Sikh religion. I have to say I disagree with this. I have never cut my hair, as this is something I was bought up with. It was not a decision I made myself. I was bought up as a Sikh, and didn’t choose my religion and faith myself. This is just how it is in many families. Do I regret it? No, not at all, as growing up with the basic teaching of Sikhism has really taught me how to respect others and treat everyone equally, something I think is the best teaching of Sikhism.

I’ve never said I’m a religious Sikh, and I’ve not committed my life to the religion, as for me, personally, I’m just not ready to make such commitment. Going to the Gurdwara and praying each day just doesn’t feel right in my life at the moment. People see a turban on my head, and automatically think I’m either really religious or will judge them on what they are doing. Wrong. I have two out of the five symbols of Sikhism, the Karah and Kesh, which is a steel bangle and long uncut hair. If I were a committed Sikh, I would have all five of these items and obviously wouldn’t go out drinking or living my usual crazy party lifestyle. I do however, find it hurtful how people judge me for wearing turban, but don’t judge those who haven’t kept their hair. I could lead the same lifestyle as another Sikh guy my age, but get frowned upon more because I wear a turban. It’s ridiculous. Hearing things like “Fudhu Singh” (dickhead Singh) and “Pagh wallah pindah? Hai!” (Drinking with a turban on? God!) really annoys me to be honest. I’m a young guy, enjoy a good time and I’m pretty sure those who go out wearing a Karah (steel bangle) aren’t judged, so why me, just for having another of the five K’s.

I have never stated that I am an over religious person. However, I do have a relationship with God. I’m not saying my relationship with God is a hundred per cent, but my belief and faith is a work in progress and that relationship is between God and me, and has nothing to do with anyone else. I’m on my own path of Sikhism, and feel I can teach myself what is right and wrong through life. Maybe one day I will commit to the religion, but not right now, that is just my decision, no one else’s.


**Many will not like my views, but hey, God made me this way, so go have a word with the guy upstairs**

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11 thoughts on “RANT : Why I drink when wearing a turban

  1. Mindpower says:

    Many will find these actions contradictory and therefore confusing. You identify yourself as a sikh but by your own admission do not follow all the “rules” of Sikhism. Why identify yourself as a Sikh at all, if your not following it 100%?.It will seem pointless to many and also like a case of cognitive dissonance.

  2. The main rules of Sikhism are to respect and treat everyone equally (this means regardless of caste and why we eat in the Langar all and sit on the floor, showing we are at the same level). The GGS does state one must not drink alcohol drugs etc – and I’ve not said I’m a full Sikh. The point of this article was for those who judge me, but not those who don’t wear a turban and don’t get judged. For example, I could go out with a friend to a bar. We both have the same background, beliefs and both wear a Karah (bangle) stating we are Sikh. I would be judged more, just for wearing a turban. I feel its wrong and I dislike this aspect of the Indian society.

  3. Confu5ed? says:

    You can’t be “part” Sikh. You either are or you aren’t. You’re contradicting yourself. People judge you because you only choose to follow PART of the religion. Either commit yourself fully or don’t commit at all. It is disrespectful to those who devote themselves to their religion.

  4. That’s ridiculous. I’m not “part Sikh” – are the people who wear a Kara part Sikh? NO. Why am I just because I wear a turban?

  5. Mindpower says:

    If those rules you listed were the main rules in sikhism.(to respect and treat everyone equally) Then myself and many others I know are “sikhs” even though we are clearly not. I think that may be part of the problem. Your definitions of “Sikh” need more refining in my opinion.

  6. confu5ed says:

    Of course it is? I wouldn’t expect you to understand as you are not fully committing. If you don’t follow all 5, your only part following. You don’t get to pick and choose which aspects you like and want to follow. Either follow completely or not at all. Complete joke.

  7. LOL You are pathetic. Preaching and judging, typical. Next time you see anyone with a Kara, I expect you to say the same to them too.

  8. confu5ed says:

    Typical of you to start name calling when you don’t like a comment. Here’s a tip for the future, accept that people may not agree with what you write and act and respond like an adult, or finally bite the bullet and just come out of the closet.

  9. How did I name call you? I responded in the same way after you called me a “complete joke” – you don’t know me at all and to judge me on one piece of writing is ridiculous.

    Like I said – this is MY opinion and MY personal view on life and it is MY journey through Sikhism. For you to call my relationship with God a joke is disrespectful and if you are a Sikh (I don’t know anything about you as you are hiding behind a screen) then you are the only joke here for pre judging.

    I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. I know I’m not a “proper Sikh”. BUT I also know that by wearing a Kara and keeping my hair and wearing a Turban, that I’m more Sikh than the lads who worry about their hair more than Justin Bieber, who wear a Kara, drink, do drugs, smoke – yet go to the Gurdwara every Sunday and don’t get judged for their actions because they don’t wear a turban. What is so different with me? Because I have an extra of the 5K’s, I’m bumped up the chart in devotion to my religion? NO.

    This post was written to show how I get judged for my actions – and those who are the same as me, but don’t wear a turban, don’t get judged. I would like to know, would you say the same to someone who wears a Kara? It’s exactly the same thing.

  10. Amandeep Singh says:

    U sap u representing the Khalsa of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Either take it seriously or become a monah. ‘Having a good time’ is a Manmukh way of life and does not represent what the Khalsa Fauj and the Guru’s Roop (image) is all about.

    If you go around drinking messing about, what message are u spreading to others who don’t know who the Khalsa are?

    Either grow up or become a monna until u understand what ur representing. This aint a personal thing on you, but disrespecting maharaj will be. Stop the nonsense and reconsider how you’re living with that crown on your head which you show the world.

  11. Entitled to your opinion, but the same goes for everyone who wears a Kara.


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