This is a Shoutout to My ANON

I’ve had this blog for nearly five or six years now. I recently started using it again, so I deleted some random cringe worthy posts but decided to keep some of my old point of view ones because I liked looking back to see my younger thoughts and to see how much I’d grown up. 

I don’t have many readers of my posts, which doesn’t bother me, as I’m not lookig to be discovered or to gain popularity or fame from what I write, my main mission is to let my words do the talking so people can get to know me better. I say this, because for the longest time, and I don’t know why, but people have really judged me on what or how I tweet or how I present myself via my various social media platform. 

Also, through various blogging platforms,  I have been a victim of online trolling by anonymous sources. Tumblr Ask, Ask.Fm, random Twitter accounts made up just to abuse me, and even comments made on this very site. 

Now, I know not everyone will agree with my sometimes uneducated but very personal points of view on things, especially when it comes to my faith and cultural beliefs, and I’m very aware and prepared for debate or comments which don’t agree with me. However, what I don’t condone or expect is for people, hiding behind an anon account, hurling abuse at me for no other reason than to bring me down. 

Years ago, these comments would really effect me. I’d let them really hurt me and get me down to a deep sadness and paranoia. Why would anyone want to make me feel like that, I would think. How can anyone say that to me without really knowing who I am?

These comments I sometimes get are all by the same person, I believe, as they all have a similar pattern. They are all regarding the desperation to know my sexuality, are keen to know why I am the way I am and also ask very personal questions about my best friends. Its getting silly. 

Why are you SO obsessed with me?!

My sexualtiy, my way of life, what music I listen to and what I do with MY life has nothing to do with YOU. Stop questiong me on how I choose to live my very free, very happy life because you don’t have the same freedom as me. 

I’m always keen to talk and will always be open to people who want to talk about anything, but please, don’t be nasty, don’t be rude and don’t hide behind a fake account. It’s very childish, it sometimes hurts and it just isn’t very nice, is it?




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